Birthday dinner


My brother has his birthday on Thursday. He has a particular fondness for slow roasted pork. Crunchy crackling, generously seasoned with fennel salt. Meltingly tender meat that shreds compliantly at the touch of a fork. Browned roasted vegetables and apple-scented gravy…

So, brother, dinner this weekend?Image


Starting out


I love the saying about the happiest people not having the best of everything, but making the best of everything they have. That is definitely me. I’m a make-do’er, I’ve been told. I take second-hand, pre-loved and generously given items and make the best of them. I tell people my little boy and I live in a second-hand house. Pretty much everything in here has come from family, friends, or op shops.

It’s the same with my cooking. We can’t afford the best meat cuts and seafood, we make the best of secondary cuts and cheaper fish, and we do some mean leftover meals. We have chooks in the backyard who keep us in eggs, and the local markets are full of beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables. When we do have a juicy salmon steak or lamb cutlets, it’s a real treat!

I am deeply grateful to everyone who has contributed to our little home, and the best way for me to express my love and gratitude is through food. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people I love enjoying my food, and I am always searching for new and delicious ways to jazz up my meals. I’m also hoping to show other mums in my position how I cook yummy food using cheaper produce, still packing plenty of punch in the flavour department. It may not be MasterChef, but it’s tasty, it’s homely and it’s nourishing. And let’s be honest, watching your kid devour their dinner is one of the best feelings in the world!